About Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap (UK) enables people with disabilities to lead greater fulfilling lives.

Headquarters is based in Brighton and delivers services internationally to adults, young people and children who have a disability and those who support them. We first began providing life coaching services in 2009 and due to its success, we have developed the provision of adaptive sports events and programmes, accessible adventure holidays and a disability consultancy service.

Bridging The Gap was founded by social entrepreneur Larnie Ball. Larnie is a qualified life coach, disability consultant and adaptive sports/adventure specialist. She is passionate about what she does and the variety of ways that she can enable people with disabilities to lead greater fulfilling lives.

Her vision is to make Bridging The Gap widely recognised as a leading force in the field of enabling people with disabilities to lead greater fulfilling lives.


Larnie holds a BA in Disability Studies, majoring in psychology (1995) and continued with further education to gain a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (2009) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (2011). She is also a member of MASCIP (Multidisciplinary Association of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals)

While qualifications are important, client satisfaction is absolutely everything.


Larnie’s many years of experience working in the disability field, coupled with her insightful understanding gained through living with her husband who is paraplegic, provides her with specialist knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the unique challenges and obstacles that are faced by individuals with disabilities or health issues in the workplace, at home and whilst at leisure. She firmly believes that every individual has the potential to achieve more and deserves to lead a greater fulfilling and meaningful life, no matter what their abilities are. Her approach focuses on maximising the abilities and resourcefulness of individuals to reach their unique potential, whilst respecting limitations experienced through disability or health conditions.


Bridging The Gap’s mission is to encourage and support individuals to realise what they can accomplish – to not just dream of the active life they wish to lead, but to take action in making it a reality and LIVE IT! Ways this can be achieved include:

  • Positively challenging social misconceptions about what people with disabilities can achieve and changing them.
  • Creating new opportunities and broadening awareness of lifestyle options for people with disabilities to pursue a quality of life that is rewarding and meaningful to them.
  • Increasing self belief, self worth, confidence and independence in people with disabilities, by focusing on their skills, abilities and interests.
  • Raising personal aspirations and allowing individuals to realise their potential.
  • Create excitement, motivation and inspiration through a shared experience.